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gratitude & grace

an inspirational daily activity book

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This book has been such a blessing to me and a beautiful guide in my day to day life of living more consciously and honoring the precious gift of life. This book is a work of love and you feel it it in all the pages. The inspirational messages and thoughtful exercises not only inspire, but act as tools to living a better life, full of gratitude and grace. I highly recommend this book to everyone who needs a little magic and love in their life. 

Tamari G.

A very inspirational book. I've never been into meditative reading, but I find this thoughtful book to be very helpful in suggesting daily considerations. ***** Five Stars!

Sunny S.

I love this book! Gratitude and Grace has gently moved me forward on my journey. It's warm, inviting and feels like a helping hand whenever I’m reading it. I like the way it’s designed with messages, quotes, activities and space to write AND draw! It helps me focus on what is important to me. Using the book brings me comfort because I know I will find inspiration to open my heart and help me have a better day. In the world of spiritual seekers, it feels like a new voice.

Robyn J.